Manazel منازل

What is Manazel

Mobile game with VR & speech recognition

Manazel is the first game under the Cure Game project, it serves for speech rehabilitation and uses Virtual Reality and Speech Recognition to introduce children with special needs to their domestic environment. Players need to guess and speak the names of objects in the house for the game to validate, and can look around the house by swiping with their fingers or by using VR for a true 360 experience.

Our team worked closely for weeks with Speech rehabilitation experts, autism spectrum doctors, and parents with autistic children, to strategize and design an environment that actually helps with rehabilitation.

Game features

Designed, modeled, and developed in-house

Powerful speech recognition

Using Google machine learning

Virtual reality

Enabling an immersive experience

World languages

Supporting over 120 speech languages

Speech accuracy

Catering for different disability levels

Playable on TV, tablet, and mobile

The HD experience is pixel perfect

Assistive audio

Guiding players through voice

Progress in levels

Moving up in difficulty by collecting coins

Universal home interior

Inspired by award winning IKEA designs

Game creation

From design to development

Manazel Game Mockup
Store icon design

From hand drawing to vectorization

Manazel Store Icon